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We are your marketing resource for outbound telemarketing, appointment setting, and lead generation.

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Since we opened our doors in 1994, we have had the honor of working with over 3,000 different clients in over 50 unique industries. Our clients are spread across the United States and include Fortune 50 corporations, universities and colleges, politicians, and many well known insurance companies. We hope to add YOU as well!

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Read what our Clients have to say!

Results of a TeleContact Campaign

Exclusivity – Of the more than 1 million leads we’ve generated for our clients, not one of them has been shared with their competitors. Because we don’t share lead activity across accounts our clients are able to see higher closing rates at a lower cost per conversion than other forms of lead generation. ROI – We understand that in order to become your long term marketing partner your business needs to generate a strong return on investment. Our 92% retention rate is based largely on the fact that we’ve helped our clients generate millions of dollars in new business revenue.

Strong Return on Telemarketing Investment – This, more than anything, is what our clients ask about. In a recent survey, most of our clients reported back that they had an ROI in the range of 200-400% annually for their campaigns. We even had a few clients reporting back in the 1,000%, 3,500%, and even 10,000% ranges!

We know that every campaign is different, and individual results will vary. We work with you to optimize your campaign so the best results possible can be achieved - allowing you the opportunity to get the highest ROI the campaign will allow.

Read what our Clients have to say!

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Some of Our Clients

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Since 1994, TeleContact Resource Services has provided outbound telemarketing solutions for over 3,000 clients nationwide in over 50 different industries. We are a 100% United States operated outbound telemarketing call center located on the West Coast in Riverbank, CA. We provide many different services for our clients ranging from outbound telemarketing solutions, appointment setting, lead generation, and other marketing programs designed to help you grow your bottom line.

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