Automated Voice Brodcast

Reach hundreds of thousands in minutes with our automated voice broadcast, or "robo calling" programs.

Automated calls provide the opportunity to:

  1. Send a personalized message to thousands within minutes;
  2. Complete a message delivery in the shortest period of time, with the fastest turnaround;
  3. Conserve campaign resources with the most economical rate per contact;
  4. Deliver the highest percentage of message rate of success when compared to all other methods;
  5. Automated calls have a lower cost per contact than any other form of communication.

Automated Voice Broadcast calling isn't just for political campaigns. Use our automated voice broadcast system for appointment setting, payment collections, customer surveys, and more!

When it’s important that your message gets heard, use Voice Broadcast. Just record a voice message, upload your opt-in customer list and TeleContact Resource Services does the rest! Your message can be sent instantly to thousands of phones. TeleContact even leaves a message on answering machines for you.

Since 1994, TeleContact Resource Services has evolved into a multi-channel marketing firm, not only providing outbound telemarketing services, but also providing additional marketing services such as automated voice broadcast.

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**Outbound consumer calling is limited to your current client list and is used for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities only.

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TeleContact Resource Services - Automated Voice Broadcast

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Since 1994, TeleContact Resource Services has provided outbound telemarketing solutions for over 3,000 clients nationwide in over 50 different industries. We are a 100% United States operated outbound telemarketing call center located on the West Coast in Riverbank, CA. We provide many different services for our clients ranging from outbound telemarketing solutions, appointment setting, lead generation, and other marketing programs designed to help you grow your bottom line.

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