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There is no better way to stay in front of clients and prospects than with an email marketing campaign.

Round Out Your Multi-Channel Marketing

Reaching out to customers and prospects across multiple channels is proven to be the foundation for a solid marketing plan. Using industry leading technology and cutting edge strategies we are able to show our clients higher deliverability rates, increased response rates, and a lower cost per conversion than other available options.

Our creative experts will design a unique, professionally laid out presentation, while our content developers will craft a compelling marketing message that forces your prospects to act. Whether looking for inbound phone calls, website sign ups, or in-store foot traffic, our tailor made emails are sure to increase your lead generation efforts.

Our email marketing solution was developed based on two proven marketing facts, and one glaring need. Marketing Fact 1: It’s 10 times more cost-effective to retain a client than it is to secure a new one. Marketing Fact 2: Staying in regular communication with your clients ensures that you will retain them for longer periods. Throw in the fact that most small businesses don’t have manpower and resources to manage this steady flow of communication, and you’ve uncovered that glaring need. Our team of experts will work seamlessly in the background to help bolster your retention efforts, and provide a serious value add to your business.

Our advanced segmentation process ensures your clients receive only targeted, relevant messages that keep them reading, and buying. Selling multiple goods or services? No problem. Our expert staff tracks your clients by products/service lines, and then tailors messages devoid of the goods that they are already utilizing your company for. The end result? Highly targeted messaging that opens your client’s eyes to the wealth of products you offer without the hassles of high pressure sales.

For more information, or to get started, call us at 800-551-0567, and ask for an email marketing specialist to discuss your needs.

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